Our Signagrip system, whilst suitable for a range of industries, was designed specifically with the automotive sector in mind. Its textured non-slip finish offers excellent slip resistance to oil and other contaminants even in a wet environment whilst remaining both easy to clean and hard wearing. Additionally, it offers a UV stable finish. 
Automotive environments, especially workshops and mechanics garages, can often be associated with the image of grease and dirt but this doesn’t have to be the case. Even an old, dirty and greasy workshop floor can be transformed by the installation of a resin floor provided the correct floor preparation is used.

Due to the nature of automotive production and maintenance, the use of oils and lubricants is unavoidable. Unfortunately these products can be extremely hazardous in the workplace if they are not addressed properly. One way to eliminate any slip risks associated with these products is to consider resin flooring. The features of industrial resin flooring make it ideal for use in an automotive environment whether it is a major production facility or a small MOT area.

Epoxy coatings and our bespoke designed Signagrip system are ideal flooring options within the automotive industry. Both systems are extremely durable with high levels of chemical resistance. The spectrum of colours available is almost endless and designs can include corporate branding alongside demarcation lines and colour coded zones to meet any HSE and VOSA requirements.

Repair centres and valet areas are also other areas where resin flooring could be beneficial. Heavy duty polyurethane screeds that incorporate a polymer screed to falls offer an excellent flooring choice for wet valet areas where the floor is subject to prolonged pressure washing and where a self-draining floor is required.

We have installed our systems for many automotive companies including Aston Martin, Ford, Peugeot, Mercedes, Toyota, Audi, Jaguar Landrover and many more.

Please get in touch or download our Automotive Brochure to find out more about our flooring for the Automotive Industry.
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