Kennels and catteries that are bright, clean, fresh smelling and look good are clearly going to be more popular than those that aren’t, which is why looking into installing resin flooring is a sure fire way of increasing your business.
To many, pets are an extended part of our family and when we go on holiday or to work we want to be sure we are leaving them in a comfortable environment that they are happy in. When choosing a kennel or cattery, we pay attention to the owners and staff and also the general look and design of them before we agree to leave our pets in their care.

Flooring in kennels and catteries can become a breeding ground for bacteria and also smell particularly unpleasant if the correct floor covering is not selected. At Signature Resin Floors Ltd., we can design and install a system that will be completely impermeable and seamless meaning no liquid can penetrate the floor and it will simply run off the surface. This eliminates all bad odours and hugely reduces bacteria formation that can lead to viruses spreading. Our floors are compatible with underfloor heating to create a final finish that whilst functional is also comfortable for pets.

With regular contact from liquids such as animal urine and harsh cleaning products, the floor needs to have excellent chemical resistance and be durable enough to withstand regular abrasive cleaning. Resin flooring meets all of these requirements but also offers a colourful appearance that can link into any particular branding colours as well as offering a slip resistant surface, perfect for when pets return from those muddy outings.

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