Pharmaceutical flooring

When it comes to pharmaceutical flooring and deciding what kind of covering to go for, there is clearly one very important factor to bear in mind… hygiene. 
Whether you’re refitting an old GP surgery, need to update the hospital flooring or are considering what would be best for a pharmaceutical plant, cleanliness is perhaps the most important aspect to think about.

You don’t want to put down flooring that absorbs stains, is hard to clean and gets incredibly filthy and germ-ridden as a result. When working in the health sector, hygiene is clearly of the utmost importance as germs and bacteria can be spread incredibly easily – and when people are already feeling under the weather, keeping germs away from them is an absolute must.

Sanitation and safety are incredibly important for those in the pharmaceutical and health sectors, so choosing floor coatings for facilities, no matter what they are, should involve looking at the most durable options on the market, thick enough to ensure that contaminants are unable to permeate through the floor so as to ensure a more hygienic surface. Bear in mind as well that you’re likely to want to steam clean your flooring on a regular basis, so the thicker the floor coating the better.

Think about what kind of substances are likely to fall on your floor. Is your current flooring option able to withstand it all? Cleaning solutions, solvents, oils, chemicals… these are all likely to fall on the floor at some point, so your flooring needs to be able to handle whatever is chucked at it – and resin flooring is absolutely perfect for this kind of environment.

It’s tough, durable and very easy to clean, so you can ensure your facility remains hygienic at all times and doesn’t pose a threat to anyone coming through your doors. Even better, it’s incredibly easy to put down resin flooring so your business won’t be disrupted too much. Here at Signature Resin Floors, we install all our flooring incredibly quickly and it only takes a couple of hours to cure so refurbishments can be completed swiftly and with minimal downtime.

Our flooring is also impervious and slip-resistant so it’s safe and hygienic to use, and there is also a huge range of different decorative finishes to choose from so you’re sure to find one that suits your premises down to a tee. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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